Connecting your app to Klick-Tipp via API

In this video you will learn how to use Klick-Tipp’s API to help your clients to connect their system to Klick-Tipp.

If the API connection to a third party provider is based on the user name and password of Klick-Tipp, this must also be updated in the API connection of the third party provider if one of the two is changed. In this respect, the connection via the customer key is also a great advantage in this context!

Proceed as follows (hint: you need an enterprise account for this):

  • Log into your Klick-Tipp account
  • Click “Mein Konto”
  • Choose the option “Personal Information”
  • Scroll to the section “Entwicklerschlüssel”

In order to connect to Klick-Tipp with the API, you need your client’s Klick-Tipp customer key:

  • Copy the link in “Link zum Dialog Zugriffsbestätigung”
  • Add your individual URL, to which the client key is to be sent to, to that link
  • Your client will follow the dialogue through which he will give you the access permission to his Klick-Tipp account
  • When your client clicks the button “API Zugriff bestätigen” his key will automatically be transferred
  • In order to be able to use your developer key and your client’s client key, please download the Klick-Tipp-Connector
  • Click the download button below “PHP Schnittstellenklasse”
  • Unpack the file
  • You will find the Klick-Tipp-Partner-Connector in the function: “public function __construct($username, $developer_key, $customer_key, $service = '') { parent::__construct($service);“